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Oh Rats!

It’s no secret that cats have always had a thing for mice. Living in a house with a cat and finding mangled mouse bodies lying around brings to mind two thoughts: Yay! Because the mouse is no longer roaming free around your house and gross because now you must dispose of the body. Since the days of cartoons like Tom and Jerry, it’s been thought that cats are the best mice hunters, but what about rats? Rats prove more difficult for cats to tackle because of their size. Most housecats don’t go after something that comes close to their same size. But when you have a rat that approaches the size of your cat scurrying across your living room floor, you have a problem. Rats and mice are serious nuisances because they can eat through electrical wiring, walls and insulation and leave droppings scattered around your house, mmm stinky and expensive.

Why house cats aren’t the best ratters:
• The mother cat teaches a kitten its hunting and killing skills, if she was never around the kitten never fully learns these skills
• Cats don’t like to start a fight they aren’t sure they can win
• Cats like to hunt small prey such as small birds, mice or even frogs and lizards. Rats can prove too large for them at times.

Seeing Sylvie
After years of owning cats and only cats, you see Sylvie at the shelter and her soft Jack Russell ears instantly draw you in. Bringing Sylvie home, it’s hard not to fall in love with her. She is playful, bold and seems to have enough energy to power an 18-wheeler. Her little feet click against the wooden floor as she runs back and forth from the living room to the kitchen, and back again. She is familiarizing herself with every inch and crevice of the house, scoping out her new home. After some quick research on the Internet you find some interesting information: Jack Russell’s make for excellent ratters, it appears that she may be the answer to your rat problem.

What makes a terrier a good ratter?
• Terriers were originally bred as hunting dogs
• They can be aggressive toward smaller animals. (Good in the case of rats).
• They seem unaware of their small stature and will often go after things twice their size
• They are known to have an immense amount of courage, sometimes too much.
• They are intelligent, fast and very agile
• They are very playful and like a challenge

Sylvie the Ratter
Terriers like Sylvie have their ancestries in fox hunting. Unlike cats, these little buggers aren’t afraid of taking on something their own size and they love a good hunt. Since rats prefer to make their appearance under the cover of darkness, letting Sylvie roam free at night allows her more opportunity to catch a rat in the act. Using inborn skills as a hunter she easily catches one. There in her mouth hangs a 6-inch long rat. Sylvie just stands there with her tail waging with a very satisfied look on her face; she knew she “did good.” And unlike your cat, Sylvie doesn’t drop the thing on your bed! Again comes those two thoughts, a mixture of joy and gross disgust that seem to fill your head and stomach at the same time. Sylvie will continue to find rats around the house and in the ivy that lines your backyard or as far as you allow her to roam. It’s now obvious that she is a natural born ratter. No rat is safe and it is now clear who the better ratter is. Even your cats bow to Sylvie the Ratter.

Macie and her Binky

Cute Silky Terrier Movie Coming Soon!

I know I would be lining up to see this in the theater!

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Watch this funny Silky Terrier attack the Angry Bird! He must be as frustrated as I am over the Angry Bird game!

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